Quentin Skinner in Toruń

Quentin Skinner at the conference in Poznań (2014)

Great news for political theorists in Poland! Next Tuesday (17th of May) in Toruń Quentin Skinner will give a lecture entitled “A Genealogy of Liberty”. The lecture will take place at the Faculty of Humanities, Nicolaus Copernicus University.

Professor Skinner’s visit will be accompanied by a special publication – a book entitled “Quentin Skinner: Historical Method and Republican Liberty”, edited by dr Janusz Grygieńć. The book consists of translations of several esseys by Quentin Skinner as well as chapters that comments on his works, especially in regard with his reconstruction of the neo-Roman concept of liberty.

I made two contribution for the book. With dr J. Grygieńć I translated Quentin Skinner’s lecture entitled “Truth, Belief and Interpretation”. With Łukasz Dulęba I wrote an article entitled “Stubbornly Distinct? Quentin Skinner on the Fictional Theory of the State and Republican Freedom”.


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