London Summer School in Intellectual History

summer-schoolFrom 5th to 8th of September I will be attending the London Summer School in Intellectual History. The event is organized jointly by Queen Mary University of London and University College London. During the four days participants will have a chance to meet a number of distinguished scholars in the field of the history of political theory, including professors David Armitage (Harvard) and Quentin Skinner (QMUL) who will give keynote lectures. It will also be a chance to take part in masterclasses and to present participants’ own research.

Introduction to Quentin Skinner


“Quentin Skinner. Historical method and the republican liberty” is the first Polish book that may serve as an introduction to work and thought of the famous British intellectual historian. Edited by Janusz Grygieńć (Toruń), the book comprises of four translations of Skinner’s essays and eight chapters that comments on various aspects of his methodological approach and his historical recovery of the “lost treasure” – the neo-Roman concept of freedom.

You can buy the book soon through the publisher website.

On Sovereignty and Human Rights at the QMUL Annual Symposium in the Humanities and Social Sciences


The annual Queen Mary University London symposium in the humanities and social sciences, held at the Institute of Historical Research, was an intellectualy spectacular if organizationally modest event. So quite the opposite to many conferences in Poland.

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On Bourke’s Burke in the Senate House

The discussion organized by the Institute of Historical Research drew so large crowd that there were no seats left in the quite big room at the University of London’s Senate House. The topic was the newest book by Richarda Bourke, etitled The Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke. The comments for the book were offered by Rachel Hammersley (Newcastle), Joanna Innes (Oxford), Robert Travers (Cornell), and Donald Winch (Sussex). The debate was chaired by Quentin Skinner, who – as I have already learned – is an excellent moderator.

New Perspectives on Edmund Burke: discussion of Richard Bourke’s “Empire and Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke”
13 January, 2016

On Quentin Skinner in “Przegląd Polityczny”


In the latest issue of “Przegląd Polityczny” (“The Political Review”) you can find a transcript of the debate between Quentin Skinner and Michael Freeden. The debate took place in October 2014 at the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The transcript is acompanied by essays presenting the profiles of the debaters. Łukasz Dulęba writes about Michael Freeden, while I outline a career of Quentin Skinner. The latter essay, entitled “Quentin Skinner: historian and context”, is available (in Polish) on the website of “Przegląd Polityczny”.

It is difficult to overemphasise the importance of “Przegląd Polityczny” in introducing the most important political philosophers and thinkers to Polish readers. I must confess that I am very proud and happy to get my text published in that particular journal.