OK Boomer? But what about the Millennials’ role in Cambridge Analytica scandal?

During my lectures on social, political and ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligence I talk, of course, about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And while the catchphrase “OK boomer” has recently been gaining a lot of attention, we cannot forget that, at least in that case, Millennials are also to be blamed.

Aleksandr Kogan (born 1985/86), Christopher Wylie (b. 1989), Brittany Kaiser (b. 1986) – not to mention Mark Zuckerbreg (b. 1984) – even if today some of them express remorse (like Wylie and Kaiser), they all contributed to the enormous abuse of new technologies’ potential, including tools of artificial intelligence that had been used to profile voters and micro-target political advertising.

After watching a movie “The Great Hack” and reading few chapters of her book “Targeted”, I don’t really trust Kaiser. She seems to be interestad mainly in self-promotion. I am much more convinced by Wylie who – at least partially – redeemed himself with a book “Mindf*ck: Cambridge Analytica and the Plot to Break America”. In the book he describes in detail his career – from Candadian Liberal Party volunteer who was fascinated by the Obama campaign, to co-creator of the tools that helped elect Donald Trump and to bring about Brexit. He also unveils the methods of the Internet psychological warfare that are currently being employed not in the name, but against the essence of democracy.

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